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“Maristan” literally means “Place of Health”.

Historically “Maristan” and “Bimaristan” was the name given to hospitals throughout the Muslim world; hospitals were also called Dar-al-Shifa / Darussifa in places like Turkey.

One such Maristan was constructed by Nasrid Sultan Muhammad V in 1365. Its remains still lie at the bottom of the Al Bayzin district, across from the Alhambra.

Our Maristan is named after it.

Some Maristans, including the one you see, evolved to become a treatment centre for the mentally ill. The treatment of mental illness has been a part of Islamic tradition for hundreds of years. The treatment incorporated holistic remedies like nature, music, water, and aroma therapy.

Our Maristan is so named in order to continue this rich Islamic tradition.

Our center is a home away from home for you, to vacation, retreat, or receive holistic therapies.


Maristan is our retreat centre in the Al-Bayzin district of Granada, Spain. It is closed due to the travel restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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